Case study

The Client

A nonprofit Performing Provider System (PPS) that administers high-quality care to both Medicaid members and the community at large in Upstate New York. Created as part of a DSRIP program, The Client supports small, rural, nonprofit providers that help clients improve social determinants on health.


Upstate New York


Performing Provider System



The Situation

The Client needed support implementing a recently purchased care management system that would be adopted by its multiple partners. Blount Consulting Solutions (BCS) was awarded the contract following a statewide RFP process.

The Challenge

The Client lacked the experience needed to roll out a large-scale care management system with multiple partners. Additionally, The Client’s existing vendor lacked the clinical experience needed to interpret the unique needs of nonprofit organizations and their associated providers.

The Solution

BCS recommended that The Client work with a clinically experienced consultation team to implement new technologies that would bridge the gaps between The Client and its healthcare community.

BCS worked closely with The Client and a third-party vendor to establish a three-phase approach for each set of provider partners:

  1. Implement technologies
  2. Go live
  3. Stabilize and sustain

BCS worked with key stakeholders from both parties to support the configuration, training, and workflow development throughout the entire project.

The Result

With support from BCS, The Client successfully implemented all three phases of the rollout with its partners. The Client’s partners demonstrated a mastery of the new care management system and verified the highest level of satisfaction.


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