Case study

The Client

A Florida-based, specialty health management company with a focus on progressive diseases and kidney health populations. The Client is known for developing a chronic kidney disease management software platform that has since been sold to large accountable care organizations (ACO) and managed care organizations (MCO).




Health Management



The Situation

The Client was preparing to roll out a new software system that would support its telephonic care management program.

The Challenge

The Client needed a project managing partner with clinical and operational expertise to help plan, implement, and sustain the seamless adoption of its new software, which was critical to building the telephonic care program at its facility. 

The Solution

Blount Consulting Solutions worked with key stakeholders on- and off-site to develop a project management plan, set goals, and exceed expectations.

 Specifically, BCS initiated the following touch points/objectives:

  • Evaluate The Client’s current staff
  • Hire and onboard new staff to meet the needs of the project
  • Develop and implement an on-site training program
  • Create policies, procedures, and workflows that would support the project
  • Work closely with The Client’s founding members and executive leadership team
  • Participate in business development and sales strategy meetings

The Result

Blount Consulting Services was able to operationalize the telephonic care management program in six months, resulting in 50% increased sales over course of engagement.


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